Train dance of Thai woman sparks criticism and debate

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A recent Internet sensation involving a Thai woman, who was caught on camera dancing on a train in Japan, took a cynical turn as the online community, both in Thailand and Japan, voiced criticism. The woman seemed to be unfazed by the attention, causing controversy due to Japan’s traditional public decorum and strict regulations on public transport.

The Thai woman continued filming herself despite receiving disapproving looks from fellow passengers. This behaviour has provoked an avalanche of negative comments online. Japan is known for its respect for public etiquette, particularly on public transport where rules prohibit loud conversations, making noise or any behaviour that might disturb other passengers.

Alongside her impromptu train dance performance, the woman has also caused disapproval for not wearing a mask, which is considered a breach of public safety in Japan.

Subsequent exchanges on social networks saw the woman defending her train dance claiming it was not wrong and asserting that “Japanese people are quite open to this.” She shot back at her critics questioning if they had been to Japan and how open the world is.

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“It’s personal rights, I can dance, I can move. It has nothing to do with netizens.”

Adding fuel to the fire, her band of friends was seen doing similar dance performances in public places teeming with people. Recently, a Japanese media outlet ran a story on her, stating that her actions have become a source of drama and drawn strong criticism from Thai social media. Various comments from Japanese viewers expressed disdain and frustration over the train dance.

“I wonder what would happen if a Japanese person did this on the BTS in Bangkok.”

“Don’t leave Thailand at all if you can’t observe international manners. It’s not just Japan. I feel sorry for other Thais.”

“It’s like a lack of sense, like the sushi sabotage case. Don’t do things that you can’t permit yourself.”

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