Missing child case: Nakhon Pathom man linked to another abduction

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Scrutiny intensified today around the case of the 43 year old Nakhon Pathom man, who allegedly snatched a two day old infant from its unconscious 26 year old mother at Bang Len hospital. Police have raided a man named Nanthachak’s home in search of further evidence, fuelling speculation over the possible connection to a separate missing child case. Notably, a previously operating CCTV system at the man’s residence has vanished, giving rise to suspicions among the local community.

Yesterday’s scene at the Klong Tor Village in Hin moon district, Bang Len, in the central province of Nakhon Pathom, was filled with eager media and curious locals. Surin Na Ayutthaya, an 81 year old woman living next to Nanthachak’s house, shared that Nanthachak was typically reclusive.

He had stopped working and returned home about a year ago, mostly staying indoors and rarely engaging with neighbours. Many thought he was still working outside the village.

Meanwhile, Nang Klai, the 43 year old elder sister of the adopted child of Nanthachak’s mother, who was alleged to have abducted an eight month old baby “Tor”, still holds onto her anger. Interestingly, Nanthachak’s house lies directly opposite hers. Villagers had speculated that Nanthachak might have been involved in Tor’s disappearance, creating a heightened level of unease among them.

A previously operating CCTV system mysteriously disappeared after Tor’s case, adding to these suspicions. The recent incident of the newborn’s abduction from the hospital further fuelled these doubts, reported KhaoSod.

The police’s Evidence Inquiry Division Seven will investigate further into Nanthachak’s case by searching his house thoroughly. This will provide more insights into any possible link between the current case and the missing child Tor that was previously reported. The coming days will hopefully shed light on the truth surrounding the missing child case.

A few months back, the lifeless remains of a missing child were uncovered, washed ashore on a Chumphon province beach. The incident spurred a resolute response from the community, rallying over a hundred individuals to join forces in the search for the young one. Read more HERE.

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