Thai nationals rescued from prostitution ring in India

A prostitution ring disguised as a spa in Koregaon Park was uncovered by the Pune City police, resulting in the rescue of seven women, four of whom were Thai nationals.

The operation in the western Indian state of Maharashtra led to the arrest of one individual responsible for running the spa, while the search for the owner continues.

The Social Security Cell of Pune City police’s crime branch received information regarding the prostitution racket and conducted a raid on the spa building, which had both residential and commercial sections on South Main Road in Koregaon Park.

Following the successful operation, the police registered an offence at the Koregaon Park Police Station, citing the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act and relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) about human trafficking. The Social Security Cell teams have been active in their efforts to crack down on prostitution rackets operating from spa centres and massage parlours.

No information was forthcoming on whether the Thai nationals were trafficked, willing participants in the illegal trade or whether they had been charged with any offence.

Sex trafficking and prostitution rings are common in Thailand. Only last week five officers from Patong Police Station were transferred after they were connected to the child prostitution scandal at a bar in the Patong neighbourhood of Phuket.

The Operation Underground Railroad anti-trafficking organisation, the Department of Provincial Administration, found evidence to implicate the officers involved in the child prostitution racket at the Velvet bar, which saw the eventual rescue of six teenage girls aged under 18 years old.

In September 2021, it was reported that Thai police had arrested 12 people in a crackdown on a prostitution ring in Bangkok. The operation resulted in the rescue of 25 women from Myanmar, who were being forced to work as prostitutes. The police stated that the suspects had used social media to lure the victims to Thailand, promising them jobs in restaurants or as domestic workers, but then forcing them into prostitution.

In 2020, Thai police busted a major prostitution ring operating in a high-end Bangkok neighbourhood. The ring reportedly catered to wealthy clients and involved women from several countries, including Thailand, Russia, and Ukraine. The police arrested more than a dozen people, including the ringleader, and charged them with human trafficking and running a prostitution racket.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand but still prevalent in some areas, particularly tourist hotspots. Prostitution in any form is considered a serious crime, and those involved in prostitution rings can face severe legal consequences if caught.

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