Vietnamese mum turns to unconventional teaching as daughter shuns school

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In a world where parents are accommodating their children’s every whim, a mother from Vietnam decided to teach her reluctant school-going daughter a lesson on the importance of education. Through this unconventional teaching method, she demonstrated how physically demanding work can be compared to school.

Recently, a short clip was shared on social media, capturing a mother’s unconventional teaching in dealing with her daughter’s school resistance. Her daughter complained about school, stating it was exhausting and she would rather help her mother haul bricks at home. Taking her words into account, she let her experience this labour, enabling her first-hand understanding of its strenuous nature, Sanook reported.

The child at first appeared to enjoy the novelty and excitement of the task, eagerly stacking the bricks.

However, after handling less than ten bricks, the reality soon hit and tears started to flow, with the daughter’s head turned towards her mother she pleaded…

“I cannot do this anymore… Mum, please let me go to school.”

This first-hand experience helped the daughter realise that working was more challenging than studying. The mother, on the other hand, looked soothed and claimed that her method was successfully executed. It was a lesson that her daughter could learn without force or compulsion to return to school.

The portrayal of the small girl pleading with her mother hinted at the success of this lesson. Varied responses to the story were recorded. Some voiced concern over why the child did not want to go to school in the first place. They suggested there might be underlying issues such as bullying or pressure at school that should be addressed. They advised against a remedy that could potentially frighten the child even more.

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