Cabinet approves extended holiday boosting Phuket’s economy by 2.2 billion baht

News from the Thai island of Phuket brings to attention a myriad of fascinating events that transpired yesterday, headlined by an extended holiday receiving the Cabinet’s approval.

The long holidays have reportedly been known to promote expenditure within Phuket, with conjecture claiming an economic boost of close to 2.2 billion baht. Due to the surge in local activities, however, Vachira Hospital has taken the necessary steps of temporarily shutting down outpatient services to preserve resources and maintain efficiency during the holiday period.

In pursuit of restructuring and improving commutes for international visitors, changes have been proposed to Phuket International Airport. The initiative, aimed at carving out a dedicated area for taxis, ensures better organisation and assistance for tourists.

Meanwhile, on the political front, a decisive vote for the position of prime minister has been deferred, awaiting a new ruling. This postponement has steered the political landscape into a period of uncertainty until necessary protocols and conventions are met.

In an attempt to address housing-related issues, interest in a low-cost housing project is gathering momentum, with bookings now open for interested individuals. This move is directed towards creating affordable housing solutions and stabilising the local real estate market.

In related Phuket news, residents yesterday were excited to discover a large leatherback sea turtle had chosen to lay its eggs on the shores of Karon Beach in Phuket.

Local officials have since hurried to check the site and set up protective measures as the site is all set to become a maternity nest for the enormous creature. This is the first instance of a turtle laying eggs in this area in two decades.

Staff at Centara Grand Beach Resort in Kata informed Suthep Juelaong, the Director of the Upper Andaman Sea Coastal Resources Research Centre, of the turtle. Suthep said that the site was immediately examined following the report. Officials found a large Leatherback turtle weighing about 300 kilograms, shuffling from the sea to lay eggs. Read more about the story HERE.

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