Taylor Swift’s bodyguard forgoes 18 million baht salary to fight for Israel against Hamas

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A well-known bodyguard of global music sensation Taylor Swift reportedly abandoned his US$500,000 annual salary, equivalent to approximately 18 million baht, to return to his native Israel. He volunteered to fight against the Hamas group, stating that he could not stand idle while his homeland was being destroyed by Hamas forces.

According to local media reports, the security officer gained online recognition after fans of the famous singer captured video clips of him looking after Swift during her Eras Tour.

The bodyguard recently posted a photo in military uniform on Facebook, confirming his enlistment in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and a few words accompanying the post.

“I didn’t have to come here, but I couldn’t just stand by while various families are being murdered and burned in their homes simply because they are Jews or Israelis.

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“I’m not just standing here with Israel. I’m standing here with humanity. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

“Don’t stand by without saying anything. Stand firm with Israel. Stand firm for humanity!”

The bodyguard made no comments about the atrocities Israel committed on innocent men, women and children before Hamas’ retaliatory attack last week.

Amnesty International’s new investigation shows that Israel imposes a system of oppression and domination against Palestinians across all areas under its control: in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and against Palestinian refugees, to benefit Jewish Israelis. This amounts to apartheid as prohibited in international law.

Laws, policies and practices which are intended to maintain a cruel system of control over Palestinians, have left them fragmented geographically and politically, frequently impoverished, and in a constant state of fear and insecurity.

In other news concerning bodyguards, the security guard responsible for the safety of Move Forward Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat was suspended from his duties in July.

This action was taken after Thai citizens on the internet uncovered his criminal history, revealing that he had served jail time in 2011 for a kidnapping-for-ransom incident. To read more click HERE

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