Bodyguard of MFP leader Pita hits a snag: Criminal past uncovered

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The bodyguard of Move Forward Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat has been suspended from duty after Thai netizens discovered he has a criminal past. He was jailed in 2011 for kidnapping someone for ransom.

The bodyguard in question, Sisuriyen Sikamonpakdee, became the talk of Thai social media because of his dedication to protecting Pita wherever the politician went. However, netizens were shocked when they discovered Sisuriyen’s criminal background. Netizens learned Sisuriyen was involved in a kidnap for ransom case 12 years ago. Now, Sisuriyen is under pressure to clarify his real identity to the public.

The deputy leader of the MFP, Police Major General Supisan Phakdeenarunart, later confirmed that Sisuriyen was indeed one of the suspects involved in the kidnap-for-ransom case. Along with two others, Sisuriyen had posed as a police officer and kidnapped a local grocery shop owner.

Sisuriyen and his gang physically assaulted the victim and managed to acquire gold accessories worth over 60,000 baht and other assets worth 276,800 baht.

Supisan revealed that he was the leader of a police team that tracked down and arrested Sisuriyen at that time. Sisuriyen faced 12 years in jail. He was imprisoned for six years and was released in 2017. He changed his name several times and started working as a security guard in 2019.

Supisan clarified that Pita did not know about Sisuriyen’s criminal past because the security outsourcing company had assigned him to work for the politician.

Supisan admitted that the issue may affect the image of Pita in the public eye. However, he and other members of the party believe that everybody should get a second chance, regardless of their social status or past criminal history.

Supisan emphasised that equality is an important policy for the MFP. Sisuriyen has already been legally punished for his crimes and deserves a chance to work. Supisan made known that Sisuriyen has been suspended from duty until the issue is clarified. The decision to terminate his employment ultimately lies with Pita.

Despite the controversy, some netizens extended their support to Sisuriyen, believing that people can change for the better over time.


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