Taiwanese man doesn’t measure up to his girlfriend’s expectations

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An unusual first-time romantic getaway for a young Taiwanese man and his girlfriend has been described in a popular Taiwanese online forum, Dcard. The couple, who have been childhood friends and neighbours, began to develop romantic feelings for one another during their high school years, receiving support from both of their families.

Their relationship blossomed gradually, and a few days ago, they experienced their first overnight trip together before parting ways for college. The starlit evening was filled with romance, the girl initiating a kiss and a cuddle in bed, the atmosphere hinting at their first sexual encounter.

The young Taiwanese man was taken aback when his girlfriend took off his trousers and then unexpectedly proceeded to fetch a one-foot ruler from her bag. She then asked an odd question.

“Can I measure your private parts?”

The bemused young man asked whether she had planned the peculiar act, as she had brought along the ruler on their trip, reported Sanook. The surprise escalated when after measuring it, the girl asked a perplexed question.

“Why is it only ‘1x’ centimetres long? I’ve read on the Internet, it should be 30 centimetres, right?”

The startled young Taiwanese man had to explain that those online statistics were far from reality and that not many men possess private parts with a foot-long measurement and that most were likely about his size.

Despite posting their story online in the hopes of garnering sympathy, most commenters chose to tease the Taiwanese man, with some attempting to guess the exact measurements and asking whether the 1x referred to was 19, 18, 17, or 10 centimetres.

A study last year found that Taiwanese men had the second smallest average penis size in the world, beaten out only by Cambodia’s average of 3.95 inches. (Thailand’s average was 4.27 inches.)

The top 10 countries with the smallest penises are… Cambodia (No.1), Taiwan (No.2), Philippines (No.3), Sri Lanka (No.4), Hong Kong (No.5), Bangladesh (No.6), Thailand (No.7), Vietnam (No.8), Malaysia (No.9) and Singapore (No.10).

The top 10 countries with the biggest erections are… Ecuador (No.1), Cameroon (No.2), Bolivia (No.3), Sudan (No.4), Haiti (No.5), Senegal (No.6), Gambia (No.7), Cuba (No.8), Netherlands (No.9) and Zambia (No.10).

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