Undercover revelation: Hidden cameras unveil maid’s saucy double life

Hidden camera, Barbara Krasnoff/theverge.

A startling discovery of some sexy underwear hidden under her pillow led a woman to uncover her maid’s shocking double life via hidden cameras.

The woman, known as Wang, and her husband reside in the bustling city of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. They lead a comfortable life, with stable executive roles in a company and are proud parents to their first child after three years of marriage. Their primary concern was finding a suitable nanny for their child since they could not afford to quit their jobs.

Their search for a nanny was tricky. Young candidates lacked experience, and older ones seemed unfit for child care. Finally, they settled on a 20 year old woman with three years of experience in childcare, who proved to be hardworking and competent during her trial period. The maid not only took good care of their child but also efficiently handled other household chores. Wang grew confident in her decision and signed a long-term contract with the maid.

Over time, the maid became almost like a family member, often receiving gifts and special treats from Wang. However, certain peculiarities began to disturb Wang. She discovered strands of hair on her pillow resembling the maid’s and noticed her toiletries depleting unusually fast. When confronted, the maid admitted to using Wang’s expensive toiletries out of curiosity and pleaded for forgiveness. Wang, rather than being angry, showed compassion.

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However, another incident left Wang flabbergasted. One night, she found some red underwear under her pillow that definitely was not hers. She suspected her husband of infidelity but he denied any accusations and reasoned that he always came home later than her.

After much contemplation, she realised her husband was not the type to cheat, leaving only one suspect – the maid. She decided to install hidden cameras around the house to gather irrefutable evidence, reported Sanook.

The first day’s footage was uneventful, showing the maid performing her usual duties. The following day, however, revealed a startling truth. The maid was seen using Wang’s toiletries and clothes, breaking her promise. But the most shocking revelation was the maid bringing unknown men into the house for sexual encounters, often when Wang’s child was asleep. The maid even hosted parties with friends, treating the house as her own.

With the maid turning Wang’s home into a scene from a wild reality show, Wang took the final bow by giving her the boot and giving the nanny agency a front-row ticket to the jaw-dropping saga.

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