SE Asia foreign ministers to hold emergency talks over Myanmar

Foreign ministers of Southeast Asian countries are set to hold emergency talks over the current state of Myanmar. The talks will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia next week ahead of next month’s ASEAN leaders’ summit in Cambodia. Myanmar has descended into chaos since the military took over in February 2021. Now, reports say there are more than 2,300 killed during the junta’s brutal crackdown on dissent.

ASEAN allegedly made efforts to resolve the crisis, but nothing has worked so far. The bloc is reportedly frustrated by the escalating human rights atrocities which include the execution of political prisoners and the killing of women and children.

According to France 24, an Indonesian foreign official has confirmed the emergency meeting over Myanmar’s status. He also said that suspending the country’s ASEAN membership would not be easy.

“A special meeting is now needed as there are specific issues that will be looked into further before the leaders’ meeting. The Myanmar junta doesn’t show any desire or concrete steps for implementation (of the plan).”

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Myanmar’s military took over in a coup on February 1, 2021, after stating that the country’s democratic general elections were fraudulent. The military, however, didn’t give concrete facts or proof of the elections being rigged. The election saw the National League for Democracy winning by a landslide, with Aung San Suu Kyi heading the political party. The coup saw Suu Kyi being detained and arrested in early-morning raids. She and other party members have been detained ever since, with recently being given a 26-year jail sentence.

When the coup started, the army said it would only take control for one year, but it is still in power, with conditions across the country getting worse. Human rights groups have accused the junta of committing war crimes and violating the human rights of the Burmese people.

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