Coin collector’s dream: UK 20p coin sells for 1,000 times face value in eBay bidding frenzy

Picture courtesy of Daily Star.

A rare United Kingdom 20 pence coin fetched a price 1,000 times higher than its face value. The coin was auctioned on eBay, triggering a bidding war that lasted for a week and ended with a final price of 232 pounds (10,350 baht).

On September 11, the Daily Star reported on the extraordinary auction on eBay. The coin in question, minted in 1983, had a manufacturing error, making it particularly valuable to collectors. The auction attracted five buyers and saw a total of 28 bids.

In the case of coins that have errors from the minting process, they often fetch high prices. Many collectors see them as worthwhile investments due to their rarity as only a few coins with manufacturing errors circulate in the market.

It was a remarkable event. The coin’s error made it rare, and the competition among bidders drove the price up, the auctioneer commented.

With this event igniting a veritable treasure hunt, The Daily Star reported folks are now scrambling to unearth similar coins that could turn a tidy profit.

In related rare coin news, a particularly scarce 50p coin from Kew Gardens garnered more than 32 bids, eventually selling for a substantial £165 (equivalent to 7,400 baht).

The Kew Gardens 50p is among the most coveted coins, with millions of Britons eager to add it to their collections. Only 210,000 of these coins entered circulation since their initial release in 2009. The coin showcases the renowned Chinese Pagoda at the iconic London landmark.

It’s not just about the metal, it’s about the quirks and scarcities that make each coin a potential goldmine. This tale proves that even the tiniest bit of change could transform into a pocket-sized fortune. Get your magnifying glasses ready, and raid those piggy banks, you never know what small fortune you might be sitting on. Let the coin quest begin.

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