Flames of justice: Police uncover dead body’s identity and suspect drug gang-linked murder

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After finding the scorched body of a dead man, Chai Badan Police Station officers successfully determined his identity, the suspect, and the motive behind the murder, which is connected to a dispute within a drug trafficking gang.

A local made the shocking discovery of a dead body while he was riding his motorcycle past the spot. The dead man was set on fire, his two hands were in cuffs, and he bore several wounds on his head. His identity was not disclosed, and no one in the area had filed a complaint on a missing person.

The superintendent of the Chai Badan Police Station, Chaimitr Sittiphun, reported yesterday, September 13, that his officers investigated the lifeless body of the man found in the forest in Lop Buri. They discovered that the victim was not of Chinese nationality, as initially believed by the officers.

According to the superintendent, the deceased is a Thai man called 39 year old Pichai Butyapaijit from Nakhon Nayok province. Pichai relocated to Lop Buri for work and resided with his relatives before the murder.

The officers added that Pichai was previously charged and imprisoned for drug-related offences and theft. He had been released from prison just last year.

The motive behind the murder remains under investigation, but the police believe that the conflict was within his drug trafficking network. More than one suspect is involved in the case and they still remain at large for now. The police are committed to conducting an in-depth investigation to apprehend the murderers.


ORIGINAL STORY: Grim discovery in the woods: Unidentified foreigner found dead and burned in Lop Buri forest

A local man discovered the dead body of an unidentified foreign man in a forest in the central province of Lop Buri. Police believe the man was murdered before being burned at the scene.

A Thai man, 55 year old Somboon Onjaeng, reported the shocking discovery to Chai Badan Police Station at 10am yesterday, September 12. The Somboon informed officers that he was riding his motorcycle in the area to go fishing and encountered, what initially appeared to be a discarded mannequin, but upon closer inspection, revealed itself to be a lifeless human body.

Officers and a rescue team rushed to the scene to investigate the man’s death. They discovered the lifeless burned body in the forest located 20 metres away from the roadside.

According to the police report, all of the deceased’s clothes were set ablaze leaving only a button on his Mc Jeans trousers. The man’s head bore several wounds and his hands were in cuffs.

Officers believe the man was murdered and the suspects attempted to conceal the dead body by burning it.

The superintendent of the Chai Badan Police Station, Chaimitr Sittiphun, reported to ThaiRath that his officers had not yet managed to identify the deceased but they believed that he was not a resident of the area as no one had filed a complaint on a missing person.

Officers anticipated that the man was murdered at a different location before being transported to the forest. A security camera revealed that the deceased was a Chinese man who was working at a factory in the province.

The superintendent assured the press that they would be able to identify the dead body shortly and arrest the murderer very soon. Officers would also coordinate with other police stations within the province and outside to check any missing person reports.

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