PM Anwar urges faster repairs for dilapidated schools, health clinics

In Putrajaya, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim expressed his dissatisfaction with the slow progress of small-scale projects, such as the repair of dilapidated schools and health clinics, urging for the process to be accelerated. In November last year, the government announced that all such facilities should be repaired, with work to be completed this year. However, the implementation has been less than satisfactory, particularly at the district office level.

Anwar, who also serves as the finance minister, called for the disbursement of funds for these small projects to be expedited. He stressed that schools with inadequate facilities, such as absent toilets or leaking roofs, cannot afford to wait two years for repairs. The Prime Minister made these remarks during an assembly with the Finance Ministry staff.

Anwar mentioned that he had discussed with Works Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi the possibility of excluding small projects from the scope of duties of the Public Works Department (JKR), which is currently overwhelmed with thousands of projects. Instead, these projects could be transferred to the relevant departments and ministries, particularly at the district office level, in order to speed up their implementation.

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