Manny Pacquiao to run for president of the Philippines

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Manny Pacquiao, the Philippine boxer and politician, has announced that he will run for president in next year’s election. He has been nominated as a presidential candidate by a faction of the ruling party, PDP-Laban. The 42 year old boxer currently serves as a senator in the Philippine parliament.

The incumbent, Rodrigo Duterte is prevented from running for another term but has been snagged by a rival party faction to run as a vice-president. Critics have derided this manoeuvre as a ploy to maintain power. Days prior to Manny accepting his party’s nomination, Duterte’s longtime aide, Christopher “Bong” Go, was also nominated as a presidential candidate. The aide said he didn’t want to succeed the current president. One of Manny’s rivals in the presidential arena is the current president’s daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, who often leads the polls.

If elected president, Manny has stated he will wage a war on corruption and poverty. He has alleged that 10 billion pesos intended for pandemic aid to the poor is unaccounted for. Duterte had previously challenged the senator-boxer to name some officials who were corrupt. Manny fired back that Duterte’s reign as the president was over.

As a boxer, Manny last fought professionally in August. Outside of the ring and politics, he has recorded several songs, including a cover of “Sometimes When We Touch” by Canadian singer Dan Hill. Fellow Canadian musician, Drake mocked the song which led to Manny recording more music.

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