Malaysian barber loses 450,000 baht after cash scattered along highway

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A man found himself in an unexpected and unfortunate predicament recently when he inadvertently left nearly half a million baht in cash in the boot of his car, which blew away in the wind. This compelling story was shared on social media by an individual requesting help for the 24 year old man, who lost the money when the boot of his car unexpectedly opened while he was driving. The unusual occurrence reportedly transpired on July 14.

Sixty-three year old Che Sofiah Abdulah is the mother of Wan Ibrahim Wan Leh, a barber from the town of Jerteh in Malaysia’s state of Terengganu. Che revealed that her son intended to deposit 60,000 ringgit (approximately 450,000 baht) in the bank. Before setting off, he cleaned the car, which was borrowed from his sister, and left a bag with the banknotes in the boot of the car, forgetting to retrieve it thereafter. While en route to the bank on the Kuala Terengganu-Kota Bharu Highway at around 11am in local time, the boot, which didn’t shut properly, opened, causing the money to scatter across the highway due to the speed and wind force.

It was only when he arrived in town, about 10 minutes after the mishap, that he realised he had lost his money. He hustled back to the scene where some good Samaritans had gathered some of the scattered banknotes and handed them back, totalling only half the amount, approximately 30,000 ringgit or 224,000 baht. The rest of the money is suspected to have been collected but not returned.

Che disclosed that her son reported the incident at the local police station, seeking assistance. She implored whoever might have picked up the remaining money to return it to her family. Her son became antsy and despondent after the incident, confining himself to his room, deeply upset since the money had been saved over four years from his earnings as a barber. He had planned to use the money to buy a car for himself.

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