Malaysia: Contaminated school food sparks investigation

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Parents in Malaysia were left in shock after discovering contaminated food, including worms, in their children’s school provided lunch, and an alarming black, boiled egg. The incident sparked an outcry for an investigation after numerous students suffered from upset stomachs after consuming the meals.

The issue came to light after a concerned parent posted pictures of the unsatisfactory lunch, which included a partially blackened boiled egg, online, questioning why the school was serving such food to their children. The parent revealed that this was not the first time the school had provided substandard meals.

In prior instances, students had reported stomachaches due to excessively spicy food. The school had promised to address the issue, however, the recurrence of such incidents led to doubts over the administration’s capabilities.

One parent was outraged.

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“Our children are in Year 4 and Year 5. They are about to take their exams, but they are suffering from stomachaches and missing classes.”

The parent was intensely displeased and unsure about the school’s ability to continue caring for their children.

In a later update, the parent disclosed that the school had taken the matter up with the food supplier. The school administration, at 3pm on October 31, justified the discolouration of the egg to the large metal pot used for boiling.

The worms found in the food were attributed to long beans present in the meal. The school administration promptly issued a warning notice to the food supplier and deducted payment for the contaminated eggs.

However, the explanation did little to appease the parents’ doubts, questioning how merely boiling eggs in a large pot could result in such discolouration. The school principal took to Facebook to address the issue, asserting that they had received numerous complaints about the incident and had directed the vice principal to launch an immediate investigation.

Actions were promised to ensure such an incident would not recur. By morning, the parent’s post had been removed.

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