Malaysia PM plans to expand Jakim’s role in national development

The Malaysian government is looking to expand the role of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) in a bid to enhance the country’s dignity and status, according to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. In a recent meeting with Jakim’s leadership, Anwar expressed his desire for the department to contribute to the drafting of a national development policy framework based on Malaysia Madani.

In the past, Jakim’s responsibilities have primarily revolved around preaching, providing training, and organising Al-Quran recitation and memorisation competitions in collaboration with state governments. However, the department has had limited involvement in the creation of the 12th Malaysia Plan and Madani Budget.

Anwar emphasised the importance of aligning the roles of muftis, scholars, and figures within Jakim with the country’s development goals. This would enable their input to be more beneficial and contribute to raising Malaysia’s dignity and status.

The Prime Minister made these remarks during a speech at the 1444H/2023 National Recitation and Al-Quran Memorisation Competition in Penang, which is hosting the national-level event this year. The competition will take place over six days, concluding on June 16.

Anwar also encouraged Muslims to embrace the miracles of the Quran by discussing sustainability and the value system it promotes. He highlighted that some individuals have objected to the government’s initiatives, such as the Madani Budget, by inaccurately referencing verses from the Al-Quran. He warned that misusing the Al-Quran to support arguments could undermine the sanctity of the holy book, which scholars have defended for over a thousand years.

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