PM Anwar urges Penangites to retain Pakatan Harapan leaders

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim encouraged Penang residents to continue supporting Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders, whom he believes have governed the state effectively. He emphasised his strong relationship with Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and confirmed the federal government’s commitment to assisting Penang in resolving state-related issues.

Anwar addressed the concerns raised during political campaigns, which claimed that if he were to lead, it would result in the end of the Malays and the closure of religious schools. He also dismissed allegations that he was yielding to the Democratic Action Party’s (DAP) wishes in the country’s administration, stating that he cannot be ‘bought’ as some parties have claimed.

During a meet and greet session with Balik Pulau residents, the Prime Minister said, “Penang must give opportunities to capable leaders to govern, I would like to explain here and we must fully understand this.”

He added, “So I am asking Penang to continue to be strong (under PH rule), I am always in close contact with the Chief Minister. The federal government will help in whatever way it can, and what the state government is capable of doing, let it handle.”

Anwar also addressed his relationship with DAP, saying, “Yes, DAP is our friend, and we only give them positions, but do remember who is still the boss… Do you think I am stupid?”

Regarding Malaysia’s reform efforts, Anwar said he will continue to pursue them with all his might, focusing on improving the country and helping the poor, especially the hardcore poor. He stressed the need to stop the plundering of the people’s wealth and warned that anyone found stealing money, regardless of their position or political affiliation, would face imprisonment.

“The nation is rich, but there have been huge losses, so what we need to do is stop this plundering of the people’s wealth,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if (you) wear a religious headgear, coat or anything else. Whether (you are) a Tan Sri or Tun or from any party for that matter, if you steal money, we will shove you into my (old) cell in Sungai Buloh (prison), as he quipped: “It’s still vacant.”

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