Public indecency stunt: Korean influencer Aiin faces jail time in Hongdae district

Photo: Sanook

Model Aiin, a prominent social media influencer, is under investigation for her audacious act of wearing a box instead of clothes while moving around the bustling Hongdae district of Korea. She invited passers-by to reach into the box and touch her breasts, claiming to challenge gender equality standards. The public indecency act, which occurred last week, has sparked a sensational wave online.

The Korean police announced on October 23 that they were investigating Aiin’s daring public indecency act in which she replaced her clothes with a sturdy cardboard box and roamed the streets of Hongdae. She drew attention by encouraging pedestrians to reach into the box to touch her breasts, which quickly became a viral sensation online.

Before this, South Korean media reported that Aiin, wearing a cardboard box, walked down the street in a tourist area, allowing passers-by to touch her body in public. The event was recorded by passers-by and quickly spread on social networks, inevitably igniting severe criticism.

In a video that was released, Aiin first captured public attention when she appeared on the streets of Apgujeong with the words “Angel Box Girl” written on the cardboard box she wore instead of clothes. She also cut side holes to expose her bare upper body and invited men to touch her breasts.

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In an interview on October 14, Aiin stated that her main job is to act in films and model for adult content advertisements. Before that, she worked as a server in a karaoke bar.

Public indecency stunt: Korean influencer Aiin faces jail time in Hongdae district | News by Thaiger
In an act of public indecency, a South Korean influencer invites men to touch her breasts. Photo by Sanook.

Aiin defended her public indecency act.

“I find it strange that men taking off their shirts in public is considered normal, but when women do the same, it is regarded as unusual, criticized, forbidden, and even imprisoned. My actions challenge this double standard.”

When asked about the case of strangers feeling shy to touch her breasts in public, Aiin said she didn’t care.

“I am proud of my breasts and body, and I want to show it off. I don’t think touching my body should be stigmatized or considered taboo.”

A representative of the Mapo Police Department said that Aiin’s inappropriate behaviour in public could result in a one-year prison sentence and a maximum fine of 5 million won (more than 130,000 baht), reported Sanook.

Based on the information found, Aiin’s act violates Article 245 of the Korean Penal Code, facing allegations of committing public indecency, causing people to feel uncomfortable about sexual matters or embarrassed.

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