Two killed, two injured in violent brawl over a woman in central Thailand

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A violent brawl over a woman led to the deaths of two individuals and the injuries of two others in Prachinburi province. The violent brawl incident took place in front of a residential building where the victims were drinking alcohol. The police were able to apprehend one suspect at midnight today.

The altercation was initiated by a group of aggressive young men chasing and attacking their victims with knives. The crime scene, a commercial building front being used as workers’ accommodation, was littered with toppled bamboo tables.

The first deceased, identified as Yai Lai Wen, a Myanmar national, was found on the pavement with multiple stab wounds in the chest area. Approximately 15 metres away, the second deceased, Tang Nai Su, also from Myanmar, was discovered, having been stabbed in the left abdomen.

The forensic team from Prachinburi province carried out autopsies on both victims before handing them over to the rescue unit for transportation to Sri Maha Pho Hospital. The two critically injured individuals, also Myanmar nationals, were immediately taken to the same hospital for emergency treatment.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the under-construction commercial building was rented out to nearly 200 Myanmar workers employed in the Rotjana Industrial Estate.

The victims and their friends had been drinking beer at a nearby shop when the perpetrators arrived on a black Honda motorcycle with the licence plate 02-7155 Prachinburi. The assailants launched an attack, which turned into a violent brawl, stabbing the workers before fleeing the scene, reported KhaoSod.

Police pursuit

The police investigation team from Rabohpai and the Prachinburi provincial police pursued the suspects, eventually apprehending 28 year old Jo Sen Su. The suspect was brought back to the violent brawl crime scene with the motorcycle used for the escape.

Initially, Jo confessed to Police Major Thanawut that he stabbed his friends and fled the scene on his motorcycle. However, he claimed ignorance about where he obtained the knife or where he disposed of it post-crime, asserting that he had no intention of committing the actions he did.

A market manager, 61 year old Wuthipong, who resides in the area, claimed that the violent brawl incident was likely alcohol-induced. The workers, who were colleagues, were all drinking together, but he was unaware of the specific details as he was tending to the market at the time.

Upon hearing of the incident, he rushed to the scene. The cause of the dispute was reportedly over a woman, with the men vying for the affection of the same lady, sparking the violent brawl.

Police Major Ponganan stated that initial reports indicated a knife fight resulting in two fatalities and two serious injuries. The victims were transported to Sri Maha Pho Hospital.

The suspect was known to be a part of the same group of foreign workers employed at the Rotjana Industrial Estate. The incident occurred while drinking and arguing, and the cause is believed to be due to personal differences.

Currently, the suspect has been identified, and a search team has been dispatched to the area. The motorcycle has been located, and it is expected that the suspect will be apprehended soon.

Initially, there was one perpetrator, but there was also a group of friends who were present during the incident, and they have been detained for questioning.

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