Indonesian woman exposes husband’s affair with elderly mistress on TikTok

PHOTO via Sanook

A video clip has gone viral after an Indonesian woman shared her husband’s affair with an older woman on TikTok. The video amassed over 7 million views.

The woman, who goes by the username @laylamagnoon, shared the story of her husband of 14 years who had been cheating on her with a senior-aged woman, reported Sanook

Layla revealed her suspicions began around New Year’s Day when the older woman started contacting her husband frequently. Her close watch on the evolving relationship eventually led her to uncover the illicit affair. At first, the elderly woman denied any involvement, but when cornered with evidence, she admitted to having been in a relationship with Layla’s husband for 16 months and engaging in intimate encounters twice a week. Layla said in her video…

“God has revealed the dark secret he (my husband) had been hiding.”

She later posted a picture of her husband with his older lover, expressing shock at her husband’s preference for a significantly aged woman. Layla couldn’t fathom how he could abandon their 14 year marriage and two adorable daughters for this relationship.

As of now, Layla has officially separated from her husband. She said…

“Why did this happen? Why did my husband get involved with this woman? We’d been married for 14 years, but our marriage was destroyed because of this affair.”

In related news, an interfering mother-in-law’s secret affair was exposed after she accused her daughter-in-law of cheating.

The meddlesome mum-in-law’s remarks on how different her new granddaughter looked compared to other members of the family forced the new mother to insist on DNA tests for all of the family.

The woman had given birth to a beautiful daughter with mesmerising green eyes that, surprisingly, did not resemble any family members on both her and her husband’s sides. As tensions were rising, the woman decided that she and her husband should take a DNA test to put the matter to rest.

The DNA test backfired, however, and exposed a 29 year old infidelity committed by her mother-in-law. read more about the story, HERE:

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