Hunt on for suspected Japanese murderer after headless body found in hotel

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

Japanese police are urgently pursuing a suspected murderer following a chilling discovery of a headless body in a hotel bathroom in Sapporo City. The shocking case has caught the attention of international media outlets due to its gruesome nature.

The headless remains were discovered by staff at the Let’s Susukino Hotel, located in the bustling entertainment district of Susukino in Sapporo City, Hokkaido province, northern Japan. The body was found in the bathroom of a second-floor room on Sunday, July 2, at around 3.15pm local time, reported KhaoSod.

According to police reports, emergency personnel were called to the scene and confirmed that the remains belonged to a male believed to be an adult. The head had been severed with a sharp object, but it was not found at the scene. Similarly, nothing that could potentially identify the man was discovered. It is believed that the deceased’s head was removed by another individual who had entered the room with him. Surveillance camera footage revealed that the deceased had entered the room with one other individual, who was later seen leaving the room alone.

As of now, over 240 Japanese police officers have been deployed in a massive manhunt for the suspected murderer. The efforts are not only to apprehend the suspect but also to determine the cause of death and the identity of the deceased.

The prevalence of sudden dead body discoveries has led to increased police investigations into criminal activities.

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In another incident, the lifeless body of an Austrian man was discovered adrift in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Krabi. The deceased individual exhibited no visible indications of external harm however sparked a significant police investigation. Read more HERE.

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