House thief caught by getting wedged in the door for 5 hours

PHOTO: An unlucky Indonesian house thief was caught when he got stuck in the door. (via Coconuts)

When robbing a place, is there anything worse than getting caught in the act? One Indonesian house thief found out the hard way that there is one thing worse – getting caught in the door. A man in North Sumatra found himself in a tight spot when he got stuck in a heavy door mid-burglary.

The 30 year old criminal had already burgled one house and was attempting to rob a second place when he propped open a red steel door with a block of wood. But his luck ran out as he was making his escape. As the thief slipped through the door, the block slipped from its place and the door slammed shut on his abdomen.

The man tried to wiggle his way out, but he was no match for the heavy steel door. So there he sat, unable to move, for five hours. He struggled in pain through the night.

Meanwhile, the homeowner slept through the whole ordeal. He didn’t hear the theft and was not awoken by any of the noise or commotion. But when he woke up, he was shocked to find the thief still trapped in his doorway. The homeowner then notified authorities about his odd find.

The police were summoned and found the man still trapped, midway through his crime and unable to move. The police were able to pry open the door, finally freeing the thief, but it was too late for him to make a getaway with his loot.

The police promptly arrested him as soon as he was freed from the door. The unlucky thief was then transported to a hospital to treat his injuries. He was then filmed in police custody, handcuffed and hobbling into a jail cell.

To add insult to injury, the entire five-hour ordeal was recorded by a nearby CCTV camera. The footage captured the man’s hours-long attempt at wriggling free. He was even seen using a long piece of wood resembling a 4×2 to try to wedge the door open but to no avail.

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