Hong Kong policewoman gains Internet fame for beauty and duty

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Social media users around the globe are swooning over the beauty of a Hong Kong policewoman, who has quickly become an Internet sensation due to her striking good looks and dutiful on-the-job demeanour.

While it’s common to see police officers performing their duties on the streets, one policewoman, in particular, has seriously caught the eye of the online world. The officer’s beauty has melted hearts after a 17-second video of her performing her duties in her uniform on the bustling streets of Tsim Sha Tsui was shared.

Posted by a user of Xiaohongshu, the Chinese social media platform often hailed as China’s Instagram, the video shows the officer in her uniform carrying out her duties. What is noticeable throughout the clip is the policewoman’s fair complexion and her height, which seems to match her male counterparts, reported Sanook.

The clip gained substantial attention, being reposted across various social media platforms both in Hong Kong and mainland China. The praise heaped on her beauty from numerous Chinese and Hong Kong netizens flooded the comments sections, with remarks such as “Wow, she’s gorgeous,” “So beautiful,” and “Why so pale?” “I’m smitten” and “This is one beautiful sister.”

While many commenters seem to recognise this particular female officer, some jumped in with additional information, claiming that she also works as a model and serves as an auxiliary policewoman in Tsim Sha Tsui. However, while the officer looks stunning, social media users didn’t miss noticing her slightly dishevelled hair. Playfully, they commented that she should pay more attention to her appearance.

“Her hair could use some tidying up.”

While the policewoman’s appearance has stirred internet fame, she’s far from the first to be launched into Internet beauty stardom. Social media is full of influencers reviewing makeup and cosmetic products. But in March one Thai beauty queen, Kalaya, was set apart from the rest. She’s a buffalo and she’s taking the Internet by storm.

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