Phuket’s tumultuous news: Raids, accidents, policy changes, and Family Mart’s exit

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A series of surprising incidents and noteworthy news have emerged from the island of Phuket. From ongoing raids in the massage parlours of Patong, a perilous vehicular mishap involving a tourist, a tragic road accident, progressive governmental decisions and a significant retail change, the week has been eventful.

Unrelenting illicit operations have been underway in Patong’s massage industry where illegal activities are seemingly flourishing. The situation has left the residents and business community quite unsettled as the investigations continue to unfold, leading to apprehension among the operators. Recently, a particular massage parlour owner was even found guilty of employing and exploiting minors, indicating the severity of the violation of regulations and ethical standards.


In more sombre news, an unfortunate incident transpired on the public road in Phuket when an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) collided head-on with a bus. The driver of the ATV was a foreign tourist. He sustained significant injuries in the crash. This incident has raised concerns over the reinforcement of traffic rules and tourist safety.

The island suffered another grim episode this week. A Councilor from the Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation (PPAO) District 4 lost their life when his pickup truck crashed into a roadside ditch. He is suspected to have fallen asleep while driving. To further darken the incident, the crash occurred shortly after he had dropped off friends after they all attended a funeral service.

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In a significant stride towards alternative medicinal practices, the government’s cabinet gave its approval for trials on opium and magic mushrooms for medicinal purposes. This surprisingly progressive decision opens the door for groundbreaking research and potential advancements in the country’s healthcare industry.

Lastly, in a substantial shift in Thailand’s retail landscape, news broke of the widely popular chain FamilyMart has decided to withdraw its operations from Phuket. The retail giant’s departure has left a void in the landscape that has traditionally been part of the daily lives of locals. Will there be enough 7-Elevens to cover the loss?

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