Hong Kong budget airline HK Express puts in-flight trolleys up for sale

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A limited number of in-flight trolleys and galley boxes put up for sale by budget airline, HK Express, have sold out in a day. The Hong Kong carrier had advertised the items on its website, pointing out they’d be the ideal accessory for a costume party.

“Each plated with our first-generation logo and a unique license plate, these trolleys are the must-have for cosplay parties or movable furniture for home decors!”

Well, yes, if you’ve got deep pockets and a burning desire to really, really look the part… That particular description was for a half-sized trolley that sold for HK$4,500 (18,000 baht). The full-sized version went for HK$5,000 (20,000 baht) and a first generation “waste trolley”, described as a potential household bin or large laundry basket, sold for HK$6,000 (24,200 baht).

“Completely sanitised and repaired, they are ready for new homes to offer trustworthy “rollable” service, regardless of being a household garbage bin, or a large laundry basket for those who do not want to wash their clothes for a week!”

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Coconuts reports that the trolleys were advertised as having been “extensively cleansed and disinfected and are in full functional conditions.”

As the Covid-19 pandemic leaves a trail of economic destruction around the globe, HK Express is just one of countless airlines affected. In December, the airline introduced new contracts for its employees which included pay cuts of up to 40% for its pilots. It has also introduced a new unpaid leave scheme for employees, whereby they can take 6 or 9 months of unpaid leave and receive 1 or 2 months’ salary. The budget airline is owned by Hong Kong flagship carrier, Cathay Pacific.

SOURCE: Coconuts

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