Teacher who called student a “phony,” when he requested a sick day, apologises

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A Thai teacher who called a student a “phony,” and other names when the student called in sick, has now apologised. The incident, according to Thai Residents, occurred when a student says he texted his teacher, who goes by the name of Kaew, and told her he was sick and could not come to school. The student says the teacher did not acknowledge his illness and called him the name, as well as insinuating that he was sick from doing drugs. The student posted online about the incident, where it saw many clicks.

The principal of the school and the teacher visited the student at his house, asking for forgiveness, saying it was the first time anything like this has happened. The principal said he wanted everyone to have a common understanding and to help find ways to improve the school.

He said it has created a big misunderstanding, and it is heavily affecting the school. He and Kaew visited the student and his father at their home, and apologised. Kaew also went and apologised while breaking down in tears.

The teacher said she only wants all students to have a bright future and graduate, and has never looked at a student in a bad way. She apologised to “everyone and society.” Kaew says it is a big lesson that she will remember forever. Now, she is awaiting a decision by the school as to what consequences she will face. The school was to hold a meeting today to discuss the incident.

Meanwhile, almost 2,000 maths and science teachers have called upon the Education Ministry to help them avoid layoffs in September. The teachers were hired in 2018 under a special project by the Office of the Basic Education Commission to improve maths and science teaching standards in Thailand. Now 1,964 teachers may face unemployment if action is not taken.

The president of the People’s Sector Network Against Corruption rallied on their behalf, joining the teacher group’s representatives in filing the petition. In it, the argument was made that layoffs resulting from defunding the program would be detrimental to the quality of education students will receive in Thailand. They also mentioned that many schools would experience a lack of available and qualified teachers.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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