Furious wife clings to car and exposes husband’s mistress (video)

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A Chinese wife shopping with her children got a shocking surprise when she caught her husband in a car with his mistress, leading to a dramatic scene in which she was dragged along the road for 20 meters. The incident has since gone viral online.

The event occurred in Xuejiagou, Hebei province, China and started when the wife spotted her husband’s car parked at the roadside while out with her two children. Unbeknownst to her, he was not at work at that moment and instead, he was with his mistress. Angered by this revelation, the wife approached the car and dragged the mistress by her hair out of the vehicle. Her husband then sped away, he dragged his wife down the road for over 20 meters.

Despite the precarious situation, the wife did not let go of the mistress’s hair and screamed for help, which attracted the attention of passers-by who came forward to stop the husband’s car and assist the wife. As a result of this intervention and under immense pressure from the public witnesses, the husband agreed to give his wife their car, home, and child custody.

Following the incident, local media reported that the husband was taken into custody by the police to be investigated for dangerous driving. After the video clip of the event was shared widely, many social media users sympathised with the wife, while others criticised the husband for endangering his wife by driving away as she clung to the car window, likening his actions to attempted murder.

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