Valorant Champions crowd demanding Elon Musk “bring Twitter’s back”

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Elon Musk faced an unexpected wave of public demand to “bring Twitter back” during his recent appearance at the Valorant Champions competition today. The multibillionaire tech tycoon was greeted with shouts and chants from the crowd, turning the event for the popular first-person shooter video game into a global social media phenomenon.

Jake Lucky, a well-known eSports commentator in the United States, posted a video on X (formerly known as Twitter), which showed Musk attending the final day of the Valorant Champions 2023 tournament. His post was captioned observing the crowd’s disdain.

“Elon Musk getting booed at VALORANT Champs and the crowd starts chanting ‘bring back Twitter.'”

The video briefly showed Musk amidst the roars of the crowd, prompting one commentator to question the uproar and another to respond in disbelief.

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“Where is that cheering coming from? Definitely not from here.”

“Is the crowd cheering louder for Musk than for professional Valorant player, tenZ?”

Shortly after, the focus shifted back to the competition between Canada’s Evil Geniuses and Singapore’s Paper Rex. However, the crowd that was there to watch Valorant players didn’t stop chanting, persistently calling for Musk to “bring back Twitter!”

As the video circulated, social media users had a field day, retweeted (er, reposted) and commented on the post. While some agreed with the demand for Twitter to replace X, others expressed sympathy for Musk, who had to face the unexpected backlash in the unexpected setting of a Valorant competition.

The incident quickly became a trending topic on social media, adding another new tale to Musk’s series of polarising actions, statements, and appearances.

Musk has faced criticism well beyond Valorant fans for his swift restructuring and dismantling of the app formerly known as Twitter. While he aims to make it an all-encompassing part of everyone’s life – recently introducing the naughty-sounding X Pay concept to make payments by phone – many critics continue to proclaim that they just want somewhere to write brief thoughts or jokes and read the thoughts and jokes of their friends.

Musk has also faced backlash for his claim of free speech absolutism while re-platforming hate speech and racism, driving advertisers away, and simultaneously complying with more requests for censorship from governments than ever before on Twitter.

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