Elderly Indian man comes back to life on way to his last rites

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An 80 year old Indian man who was pronounced dead, came back to life on the way to his last rites. The extraordinary event unfolded on January 13 in Karnal City, India, when the ambulance carrying the body of Darshan Singh Bar, fell into a pothole on the road. Bar’s grandson, who was accompanying him, noticed his grandpa’s arm move and signs of life return.

Immediately, the driver was instructed to rush him back to the hospital, where doctors confirmed that Bar was still alive. The grandson recounted that his grandpa had been on a ventilator since January 4 in a state hospital in Haryana.

The doctors decided to remove the life support and declared him dead, after which they were taking him home when their vehicle fell into a pothole, causing vibrations that led to the discovery that Bar was still alive, reported NDTV.

The grandson described the event as a miracle. Meanwhile, a doctor from a hospital in Karnal, in an interview with the news outlet, stated that they were unable to determine why the patient was declared dead in the first place. He was breathing well, and his blood pressure and pulse were normal. They were unsure whether it was a technical error or some other cause at the previous hospital.

At present, Bar continues to receive treatment in the hospital. Although he can breathe independently, his condition remains critical due to a lung infection.

In related news, a 76 year old Ecuadorian woman miraculously came back to life after she was pronounced dead by doctors just hours earlier. To the disbelief of her family, the woman, Bella, was found inside her coffin, breathing heavily and knocking on the lid, at her funeral.

Bella’s son, Gilbert, recounted the moment they realised that his Ecuadorian mother was still alive, saying they were in the middle of preparing her funeral when they heard strange knocking sounds coming from the coffin.

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