Thai actress Mew Nittha receives public apology after bakery’s cake mishap

A recent incident involving a cake order mishap by popular Thai actress Mew Nittha led to the bakery owner issuing a public apology. The misunderstanding occurred when Mew ordered a cake to celebrate the one-month birthday of her youngest son, Makin.

Mew requested for Makin 1 month to be written in white. However, the bakery staff misinterpreted the instructions and wrote Makin 1 month, white’ on the cake.

Mew took the error in stride, posting a humorous story on her social media.

“They followed my order.”

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Mew also shared about her four-year relationship with her partner, expressing that their love keeps growing stronger.

After catching wind of the story, the bakery owner, Ploy, posted an apology in a bakery enthusiast group with over 950,000 members.

“Hello, I am the owner of the bakery involved in the cake incident with Mew yesterday. We sincerely apologise to Mew and her family. A staff member wrote ‘white’ following the message but the mistake is ours for not supervising our shop more carefully.

Ploy thanked everyone for their kind comments and constructive criticism but requested that people refrain from further berating the staff involved. She explained the error was due to the staff’s limited English proficiency, leading them to follow the note verbatim. Ploy assured the public that precautions would be taken to prevent any similar incidents in the future.

The bakery owner also revealed that they would be drawing a picture of Mew’s family as a token of their apology. However, Ploy expressed her disappointment towards the negative reactions from fellow bakers, reported KhaoSod.

“What’s most upsetting about this mistake is that outsiders were understanding and sympathetic. However, many in the baking industry belittled us, hurt our feelings and even used this opportunity to show off their cake shops. Please, stop this kind of behaviour.

“Sometimes, one person’s words can always hurt the life of the person who made the mistake. The bakery has since made an apology cake to make amends for their error.”

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