Donald Trump sued for using the term “China Virus” to refer to Covid-19

PHOTO: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

A civil rights group is suing former US president Donald Trump for coining the term, “China Virus” to refer to Covid-19. The Chinese Americans Civil Rights Coalition have filed a complaint in a federal court in New York, alleging that Trump’s terminology had no substance to back it up and was a source of distress to Chinese Americans. The former president used the term frequently, along with the words, “Kung Flu” when discussing the pandemic in public.

In its complaint, the CACRC alleges that Trump’s words were used without any consideration being given to the resulting impact on Chinese Americans. The US has seen a surge in violent attacks against Asian Americans, with a significant number being of Chinese descent, a development being attributed to the influence of Trump’s speeches.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that the former president persisted with his negative terminology even as debate over the origins of Covid-19 continued.

“The truth matters, words have consequences, especially from those in powerful and influential positions. Trump intentionally repeated those defamatory words to serve his own personal and political interest with an astonishing level of actual malice and negligence, hence severely injuring the Chinese/Asian American communities in the process.”

The CACRC is calling for an apology that includes US$1 being paid to each Asian American and Pacific Islander residing in the US, or US$22.9 million in total. The group says the money would be used to found a museum highlighting the history of both communities and the contribution Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made to the US.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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  1. Great news and I hope the law catches up with him , a fraudster just like the rest of people like him , they talk like imbeciles, low IQ man , he only used the term to charge up his low IQ orangutans like him.

    So maybe we could call then INFLUENZA dirty farang flu?

  2. Well i have called it the CCP virus since last year, come and sue me you snowflakes. After all this man made disaster DID start in China/Wuhan no matter what the WHO says, WHO=Wuhan Health Organisation.

  3. What a joke. Most of these so called attacks are by blacks against Asians. Considering that the virus is a Chinese origin virus, this lawsuit won’t go anywhere. Waste of everyone’s time.

  4. @Gernet. You could say that, but then you would just be looking foolish again. Trump referring to it as the China Virus is correct as that was its internationally agreed source. All such pandemics usually get a name associated with where it was first discovered. Don’t worry about ever having a Thai Virus as virtually nothing is ever discovered or invented there.

  5. It will be called the China Virus until China proves it isn’t. Political correctness again going mad. I read, the other day, that the UK was investigating a possible Yorkshire variant! Who do I sue, by gum?

  6. Like all these things, context and intention is everything.

    China flu, Kent / S African / Indian variant … Spanish flu … Siamese twins … Aussie rules … a Brazilian … Paddies, Jocks, Poms, Charlie, Bennies, Stills …

    “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” is no longer acceptable in the UK but is offensive …

    Racism is one thing, as is deliberate incitement, but where does causing offence stop and absurdity begin?

  7. @Nigel , you really sound foolish but never mind your hero djt as low IQ as you .

    So why didn’t they name the INFLUENZA American flu back in 1981 ?

    Its just propaganda by the west as always they cheat , lie, scam and kill innocent people, so not new to hear ur incompetent statement.

  8. @Norm , so how did you know that only blacks have been attacking Asians? When I see a moron I can see through their statements lol, So you’re telling me that yellow orangutans haven’t attacked asians ? The orangutans who carry rifles and kill 20 people in a mall , so what r those ?

    Well for anyone who attacks or kill people should be jailed.

    If you aren’t a moron then answer those questions lol , djt people.

  9. They are not offended they are just after unearned income.
    And what have pacific islanders have to do with it?
    The will fail. The statement was the “China virus” which is a country not a race.
    Notice they do not go after a taxi driver.
    They only go after those that can pay . . .

  10. How vey woke and stupid – like so many things in NY. Cliaming Trump caused the racial attacks is total PC rubbish and fake news like all the other things they blame him for. Agree or disagree with trump, but the woke crowd has gone ridiculous. What about suing everyone that says anything about the ‘spanish flu’ of 1918 that killed at least 50 million maybe up to 100 million. Hong Kong flu? MERS? German Measels? Legionnaires Disease. The woke PC anti-Trump crowd are getting more and more ridiculous.

  11. China Virus is offensive, but Indian variant, Brazil variant, UK variant, African variant…those are fine?

    Japanese Encephalitis? Ebola? Zika? Lyme?

    You’d better rename those ASAP, you racists.

  12. @Gernet. Do you mean 1981 or do you mean 1918? If you mean 1981 then the A(H1N1) strains were first isolated in Lima Peru. Had it been isolated and found first in New York then why not call it the American Flu. Certainly no problem with that. As for your stupid comments about people killing others in shopping malls, then you can say that about soldiers and police killing people on the streets of Bangkok in 2010. Idiots everywhere, as you prove so eloquently (LOL!)

  13. Trump, although bombastic and crude at times is about the only world leader(apart from the Australians) who has the guts to question China. It’s becoming clear that the virus most likely came from a Whuan laboratory,
    this is according to Fauci today.
    If anyone is being sued there should be a world wide class action against China for among ather things criminal damage. The well known economic writer and broadcaster Jim Rickards raises this possibility in a recent blog (well worth watching) for starters the 1.5 Tr debt owed by the USA could be cancelled. I believe he mentioned damages could be in excess of 5 Trillion. Strange how scared all our pathetic Western leaders are of saying anything also the totally useless ASEAN group … not one word of complaint after their economies have been destroyed and thousands of their people dead.

  14. I fail to see the debate here to be honest. The term China virus simply denotes it as a virus that was first noted in China. That’s the end of it. The fact Trump used it and may well have used it to intentionally stir up tensions is irrelevant. German measles, Spanish Flu, U.K. Covid 19 variant. All absolutely fine (although calling it the Spanish flu was a little unfair as it didn’t originate in Spain!). What is the obsession with Westerners in the rush to show as much as possible that they are NOT racist. It’s getting to the stage where you could be accused of racism just for not jumping of a high building shouting I’m not racist. It’s quiet frankly ridiculous and driven by colonial and slavery guilt. Actions performed by our great great great grandfathers. If the Japanese and Germans can be allowed to move in from the destruction they caused in World War 2 (80 years ago) then Western nations should also be allowed to move on. Colonialism was wrong and a totally disgraceful abuse of power. So too was forced slavery. Let’s move on now and change the tone. While we bang on about the past, there is enough modern day racism and slavery that needs to be resolved.

  15. @Nigel – Colonialism etc. wasn’t wrong in those days. It was the natural order of things. There isn’t a brick building in the UK or Europe or the US that can’t somehow be traced back to slavery, if you try hard enough. Every country in the world used slaves. What is totally wrong is allowing people to apply today’s standards to things that happened a long time ago.

    1. Agreed @Geoff. My comments about it being wrong we’re based on today’s standards. This stupidity of knocking down statues and icons built by slaves is madness. If you apply that rule then we should be knocking down the pyramids for a start!

  16. My immediate thought was that this suit would be dismissed out of hand but if it makes the Orange One spend money paying lawyers to file a motion to dismiss, that’s ok, too. However, now I think they have a decent case. It’s about who said it and how he said it more than the words alone. Now you got it?

    1. What ever happened to the First amendment? This reads – An amendment to the US Constitution that prohibits any law limiting freedom with respect to expression. I guess that only applies to people who say things the liberal and woke brigade agree with?

  17. I don’t vote, but if there is anything trump can get credit for, is he didn’t start a new war in the middle east. And yet within months of biden Isreal is dropping Bombs in Palestine and the war drums for invading Iran are growing ever louder.

  18. The Thaiger should stick to thai politicis instead. It’s got enough real dirty politics to fill your reports every day. What’s the matter thaiger…afraid of retribution for calling politics there like it really is…HYPOCRISY is not what I expected from you.

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