US nurse discovers she delivered her daughter in law 22 years ago

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Coincidence led to a surprising discovery when a woman opened an old photo album to find a picture of her mother-in-law in her infant days. Nurse and mother-in-law Mary Anne West, from Utah, USA, was stunned to realise that her daughter-in-law, Kelsey Poll was the very same baby she helped deliver 22 years ago.

West, a maternity nurse at Lakeview Hospital, had assisted during the complicated birth of Kelsey Poll, the third child of Stacy Poll, back in June 2001. Remembered well by West due to the high-risk complications, she played a key role in not only the delivery but also in providing emotional support to the first-time mother of three. Remarkably, the third son that West herself had birthed merely a year before the occurrence was named Tyler, who would eventually meet and fall in love with the baby girl she helped bring into the world.

Kelsey Poll West shared that she met Tyler while working at a bank in August 2022. It was then that, Tyler came in to deposit a cheque, engaged in conversation with Poll and the two hit it off. Though he disappeared for a bit, he returned later to ask for her number, which marked the beginning of their dating life.

The couple got engaged in February 2023, with plans to get married in May. As part of their wedding preparations and a video montage, they set out to dig up Kelsey’s childhood photos. A particular image in the album struck them, which appeared to be of Mary Anne and baby Kelsey. Tyler was equally astonished to see his mother present in the image.

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Their suspicions were confirmed by Kelsey’s birth certificate which bore the signature of Mary Anne. This solidified Tyler’s conviction that the woman in the photograph was indeed his mother.

Following the stunning revelation, the relationship between Kelsey and Mary Anne became even stronger. They felt incredibly fortunate to discover such an unbelievable truth. Kelsey expressed her deep gratitude and admiration for her mother-in-law, who had offered support to her mother during a time of immense fear.

Reflecting on the unique circumstances of her birth, Kelsey saw it as a profound, meaningful event. She acknowledged the rare delight of having both her mothers present at the moment she came into this world, reported Sanook.

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