Woman offers body as payment for long-distance ride, sparks debate on ethical boundaries

Photo: Sanook.

A shocking incident occurred when a female customer attempted to pay for her ride-hailing service through an app with her body, even offering her friend’s company as an option for the driver. This peculiar negotiation was shared on Mirror Media, a Chinese social media website, sparking widespread commentary on ethical boundaries.

The woman requested a long-distance journey from Guangzhou, Guangdong province, to Hebei, Anhui province. The calculated fare was 1,244.8 yuan, approximately 6,100 baht, which the ride-hailing service required to be paid upfront. Not willing to pay the fare in cash, the woman proposed to the driver to use her body as a form of payment.

Initially, the driver assumed she was asking for a discount or to pay half the fare upfront. However, the woman’s suggestion was far from that, she proposed to exchange sexual favours with the driver as compensation for the fare.

Furthermore, she offered that if the driver wanted to rest at a stopover, she and her friend were willing to accompany him to the room. The driver was left the choice to engage sexually with them one at a time or both at once, provided he waived the fare, reported Sanook.

According to the report, the driver agreed to the woman’s proposition and even boasted about it to a group of fellow drivers. As the story spread widely, social media users chimed in with similar sentiments, suggesting the woman appeared to be a high-end sex worker. Some also noted that it seemed like the driver was paying to sleep with them, making them customers of each other in a sense.

Despite the unconventional transaction, the incident raises serious questions about the ethical boundaries in the expanding landscape of app-based services.

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