Student pours food on another student over cat smell debate in heated altercation

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A male student engaged in a heated conversation about the smell of cats found himself slapped with a tray of food and involved in an altercation with a female student who allegedly took offence at his discussion. The incident occurred in the cafeteria of Tienjin University, China, where the extent of the argument led to police intervention and further controversy online.

The female student was captured in the surveillance footage grabbing a plate of food and pouring it over the head of a young man wearing a white shirt while he was using his mobile phone. The duck dish ended up covering the boy’s hair and clothes, leaving him soaked and visibly shocked. The confrontation escalated, resulting in the girl slapping the male student.

According to one of the three boys involved in the incident, the girl overheard their conversation about cat ownership and took offence when they mentioned the strong smell associated with some cats. Shortly after their comment, the girl retaliated by pouring food over the boy’s head, reported Sanook.

Another surveillance camera angle showed the girl fleeing the cafeteria, with the three male students in pursuit. The university’s board stated that they were investigating the incident. Following the violence, the young man wearing the white shirt called the police, who arrived promptly at the scene. Initially defiant and uncooperative, the girl eventually agreed to pay 300 yuan (roughly 1,450 baht, US$42) to settle the matter.

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This event sparked intense debate on the internet, attracting widespread criticism of the female student’s behaviour. Many deemed her reaction excessive and inappropriate, even if she was a passionate cat lover. While some also criticised the police’s handling of the situation, claiming that if the perpetrator had been male assaulting a female, resolution by a mere 300 yuan payment may not have been feasible.

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