April Opal: Bullied UK child transforms into OnlyFans model

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A model from England, 19 year old April Opal, has transformed from a timid and bullied child to a confident young woman making a staggering £30,000 (approximately 1.3 million baht) per month from the adult platform, OnlyFans.

As a child, April Opal was often the target of school bullies due to her shy nature and awkward appearance. Looking back at her old photos, she admits she was quite an odd child and her awkwardness persisted as she grew older. Around the age of 13 to 14, she was overweight and showed little interest in personal grooming or makeup.

“I never thought I would be paid for my appearance because I was really ugly as a child,” Opal confessed. “I was constantly ridiculed and harshly criticised for my appearance and was never anyone’s first choice at school. No one really liked me.”

April Opal: Bullied UK child transforms into OnlyFans model | News by Thaiger
April Opal before her transformation/ Sanook.

The bullying led April Opal to focus on her studies. She initially planned to pursue further education at Oxford or Cambridge and become a stem cell researcher. However, as her appearance slowly transformed and she learned makeup techniques, she began to receive compliments and appreciation for her photos on social media platforms. This made her realise that she could potentially earn a living from her looks, prompting her to abandon her academic path and instead venture into the adult content industry reported Sanook.

Now, her substantial income of £30,000 (approximately 1.3 million baht) per month allows her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Earlier this year, she travelled across Asia and she plans to invest in real estate for rental purposes in the future.

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