Masturbating magic: Brazilian fitness celebrity spills astonishing health and beauty secret

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An astonishing health and beauty secret has been revealed by fitness celebrity Andrea Sunshine, a Brazilian residing in London for many years – masturbating. Unashamedly open about her sex life, she attributes her youthful skin to an unusually active personal routine, involving self-pleasure 12 times a day.

Living in England, the 53 year old, sports a toned physique, seemingly defying her age. She dedicates at least three hours each day to rigorous gym routines, aimed at maintaining well-defined abs. Despite crossing half a century, she remains popular with men and is often invited out for dates. Her impressive fitness regime has elevated her to Internet fame, earning her the moniker of Fitness Grandma.

In a candid conversation with the media recently, Andrea unveiled the secret to keeping her skin smooth and youthful: masturbating, reported Sanook.

“If you want beautiful skin, you need to have beautiful orgasms. I please myself 12 times a day. Nothing is better than natural solutions.”

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Sunshine added that reaching the climax and masturbating should not be taboo.

The fitness goddess’ boldness extends to her relationships. Reports claim she has dated an average of three to five people per week since divorcing her husband 18 years ago, intimate with approximately 720 people in the past three years. Andrea maintains open relationships with both genders.

“These relationships satisfy my sexual needs well enough.”

Masturbating magic: Brazilian fitness celebrity spills astonishing health and beauty secret | News by Thaiger
Andrea Sunshine, a Brazilian fitness celebrity who has lived in London for years, claims masturbating 12 times a day is the secret to youthful skin. Picture courtesy of Sanook.

Sunshine is often inundated with comments from men who think she looks younger than her real age.

“No one ever believes me when I say I’m 53.

“Looking young goes beyond my physique, as does the skin on my face.”

In addition to her daily moisturising creams, Andrea also chugs 2.5 litres of water a day and wears sunscreen.

She discovered the “formula for your youth” after a dermatologist consultation who discussed the benefits of orgasms.

She told me orgasms and masturbating are very good for the skin.

“It increases blood flow and causes the vessels to dilate, making even the skin more flushed.

“It was then that I discovered paradise. I’ve already masturbated alongside friends, to show how normal it is. It has so many benefits and I’ve already taught many women how good it is for the skin.”

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