Big Joke acknowledges corrupt police officers linked to firework warehouse explosion

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The Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (RTP), Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, acknowledged the presence of corrupt police officers within the force. He ensured to investigate the public’s concern over corruption allegations linked to the firework warehouse explosion.

Move Forward Party (MFP) MP Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn stepped forward to expose the corruption within the RTP that may have played a role in the firework warehouse explosion at Muno Market in the Sungai Kolok district of the southern province of Narathiwas.

According to Wiroj, a police officer known only as F was allegedly involved in accepting bribes from illegal businesses, thereby permitting them to operate in the area. Among these businesses was the firework warehouse, which had paid off the police to establish its location in a residential area.

Promptly responding to these serious accusations, the RTP Spokesperson, Archayon Kraithong, took action by transferring four relevant police officers and initiating a thorough investigation into the corruption. The four police officers are identified as:

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  • Superintendent of the Muno Police Station, Suthawet Thareethai
  • Deputy Superintendent of the Muno Police Station, Arree Wadeng
  • Police Lieutenant General of the Muno Police Station, Charan Inthira
  • Police Major General of the Muno Police Station, Nachate Maneeroj

Big Joke yesterday gave an interview with the media after visiting the scene. He emphasised that the area was designated as off-limits for the construction of any potentially hazardous factories. He hinted at the possibility of some authorities being involved in granting permission for the warehouse to operate in the restricted area.

Big Joke ensured that officers would not focus only on the arrest of the warehouse’s owners but also on the corrupt authorities.

Big Joke also reported that another police officer, initially mentioned as F, had just been expelled due to the accusation of collecting bribes for his higher-ranking police colleagues. The alleged officer was identified as Matamad Faro Tanyeenayu. All five police officers are now under investigation.

Big Joke said…

“We have to investigate starting from the couple who owns the warehouse. Are they the real owners? Or just the nominees? We will not protect anyone wrong. Saying the RTP is clean will be a lie. The RTP is a huge organisation. We have 200,000 police officers, so there are some corrupt police for sure. The RTP has more good police officers than corrupt police.”

The Head of the Crime Victims Assistance Club, Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, visited the RTP office today to hand over evidence on the corrupt authorities to the police. Atchariya revealed that concerned locals had sought his assistance and urged him to submit the evidence on their behalf.

Atchariya expressed his belief that the corrupt authorities involved in the firework warehouse explosion went beyond the RTP. He pointed out that the Deep South area is under the exclusive care of the Royal Thai Army (RTA).

All goods that were transferred in or out of the area must be checked by the RTA officers according to the security measures. He raised questions about how illegal and dangerous items managed to evade the vigilance of the authorities.

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