Outrage in China: Mother defends son’s shocking attack on sleeping baby

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A disturbing incident unfolded in Guangzhou, China, when a young boy intentionally kicked a sleeping baby, sparking widespread public outrage. Remarkably, the aggressor’s mother refused to apologise and instructed the shop owner to take legal action if she was so concerned.

The boy intentionally kicked the sleeping 11 month old baby in a shop on Saturday, May 27, making the baby girl cry, while his mother was buying water.

Upon hearing the baby’s cries, the shop owner rushed to console her and asked the boy what had happened, only to receive a smile and denial in response.

After reviewing the CCTV footage and seeing her daughter being kicked in the neck, the shop owner tried to speak to the boy’s mother, who showed no concern.

“She didn’t discipline her son, and she didn’t ask how my daughter was doing. She just told her son to apologise, but he just smiled and wasn’t willing to say sorry at first.”

The shop owner insisted on taking the boy’s mother and the baby to the hospital, but she refused, prompting a police intervention. The boy’s mother said…

“No need for mediation, go talk to my lawyer.” The woman and he son then left the shop.

The parent’s behaviour and protection of her child despite his wrongdoing shocked the disbelieving shop owner.

The news spread quickly, causing netizens to express outrage and criticise the family as “devilish,” “diabolical,” and “extremely horrendous.”

Fortunately, not all Chinese boys are cruel. Last month, a video of a Chinese boy admitting to taking his mother’s gold bracelet to primary school went viral.

In the clip, a young boy can be seen confessing to his mother that he took her valuable jewellery, worth nearly 48,000 baht (US$1,540), to school to give to his girlfriend. The mother’s laughter as she questions her son has won over the hearts of netizens and caused a sensation on social media. Read more about the Chinese mother and the son who stole her gold bracelet to give to his kindergarten crush HERE.

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