Japan Airlines cancel 130 flights amid Haneda Airport runway repair

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Approximately 130 flights were cancelled today by Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) as the fallout from Tuesday’s accident at Haneda Airport continues to impact operations. The cancellation was necessitated after a collision between a JAL passenger plane and a Japanese coast guard plane at the airport.

Reports indicate that one of Haneda Airport’s four runways remains out of service as investigations into the plane crash continue, along with other factors, stated the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism yesterday (January 3).

“After investigation, we found that it was necessary to repair the damage to the runway, and we cannot guarantee when the said runway will be reopened.”

Both JAL and ANA decided to cancel flights due to congestion at Haneda Airport and the inability to schedule flights due to the repercussions of the plane crash incident. ANA announced today that it would cancel 65 flights, both to and from Haneda Airport, as well as from airports in the Kansai, Hokkaido, and other regions. This cancellation will affect approximately 15,400 passengers.

Meanwhile, JAL is likely to cancel 68 domestic flights, which will impact around 13,000 passengers.

Tragically, an Airbus A350 of Japan Airlines collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft at Haneda International Airport, resulting in a fierce fire and five fatalities. The collision occurred as the Coast Guard officials were en route to aid earthquake victims.

Forensic experts from Airbus and the French BEA are en route to assist in the investigation. This series of disasters underscores Japan’s vulnerability to both natural and anthropogenic crises, amplifying the challenges of rescue and recovery efforts, reported Sanook.

In related news, Japan is reeling from a catastrophic 6.7-magnitude earthquake that struck its central sea, claiming at least 62 lives and causing widespread devastation. Efforts by emergency services persist in locating survivors amidst the rubble.

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