Government Savings Bank issues alert on fake news loan scam

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The Government Savings Bank (GSB) issued a warning to the public regarding fake news circulating on Facebook.

A page has been promoting that GSB offers emergency loans ranging from 10,000 baht (US$289) to 50,000 baht (US$1,448) with low interest and no guarantor needed.

The Anti-Fake News Centre Thailand (AFNC) investigated the matter and GSB clarified that it was a case of fake news.

Ratklao Intawong Suwannakiri, a deputy spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, stated that GSB, under the Ministry of Finance, has examined the information and identified that the Facebook page in question fraudulently used the logo of MyMo, GSB’s application.

The page has no connection with GSB.

Furthermore, GSB does not have a policy of issuing loans via Facebook, Line application, or Messenger. The mentioned page falsely claimed to be using the name and logo of GSB without permission, reports Sanook.

The public is urged not to believe or share such false information. If there are any doubts, verification should be made from the official sources of the respective departments.

GSB’s information can be accessed on its official website (, MyMo application, GSB Society, and GSB Now social media channels.

Spreading and sharing incorrect information can not only confuse and potentially lead to scams causing harm to the public, but it’s also illegal.

“It’s a case of fake news. We urge the public not to fall for this false information and not to share it.”

The Ministry of Public Health dismissed the cancellation of new year celebrations in Thailand as fake news due to the purported spread of a new Covid-19 variant, XBC.

No unusual outbreaks or dangerous variants have been reported.

A Thai Facebook user recently reported that the government was planning to cancel all new year holiday events due to the spread of the new Deltacron XBC variant.

The user stated that Deltacron XBC spreads more easily and quickly than the previous variants and is three times more dangerous than others.

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