Anwar Ibrahim emphasises musyawarah culture for civil servant input

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim emphasised the importance of ‘musyawarah’ or deliberation in Malaysia, stating that it is essential to provide civil servants with the opportunity to express their opinions when determining the nation’s course. Speaking at the Prime Minister’s Department monthly assembly, Anwar highlighted the crucial role civil servants play in making deliberations more meaningful and effective.

Anwar, who also serves as the Minister of Finance, acknowledged that listening to diverse views has aided him in making decisions. He expressed his desire to expand the spirit of deliberation, ensuring that department heads and specialised officers are prepared to contribute their perspectives.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Madani concept, introduced in January, does not prevent civil servants from engaging in discussions and voicing their opinions. He noted that the culture of deliberation and open communication is also present in the Al-Quran.

Anwar advised that when handling deliberations, any questions or disputes regarding a decided matter should be approached with wisdom and not be too hasty in passing judgment. He explained that the speed of judgment could hinder the discussion from taking place, whether the person’s view is correct or not.

Additionally, Anwar stressed that differences of opinion or views arising during a deliberation should not be exploited as a platform to criticise individuals. Instead, these opinions ought to be discussed thoroughly and respectfully.

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