Bear horror: Man loses eye in villagers’ forest foraging encounter

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A man lost his eye when a group of villagers in Chanthaburi province were attacked by three large bears while foraging for forest produce. The incident, which occurred around 2.30pm yesterday, left Uthai, a 41 year old man, seriously injured with deep facial lacerations and his right eyeball missing. Multiple authorities collaborated to trek five hours to rescue the victim and transport him to the hospital.

The villagers had been foraging Soi Dao Mountain, situated within the Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary near Khao Kitchakut National Park, in search of wild elephants. They stumbled upon the bears while pausing to gather forest goods along the way. The other two individuals managed to flee and inform authorities.

It took the rescue team over four hours to reach the injured man, who could still communicate despite his severe injuries. After administering first aid, the team transported Uthai downhill and initially to a nearby hospital. Due to the severity of his condition, he was later transferred to Phra Pok Klao Chanthaburi Hospital for closer monitoring.

His condition is serious but he is in stable condition.

In May, a sun bear wandered out of the forest and into a village in Chaiyaphum province in northeast Thailand. It took rescue workers five hours to trap the wild animal.

Residents of Ban Huai Ruam village in Moo 2, Wang Thong subdistrict, Phakdi Chumphon district reported that a sun bear (“bear-dog” in Thai language) had strayed out of the Phaya Fo Mountain Range and into the community.

Officials from the Phakdi Chumphon Wildlife Sanctuary and volunteers from the Hook 31 Rescue Foundation hurried to the scene with bear-catching equipment.

More than 30 villagers watched in anticipation as volunteers tried to lure the sun bear into the cage. After five hours, the rescue workers managed to lasso a rope around the bear’s neck and lead it into the cage, prompting cheering from onlookers. To read more click here

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