Wild elephant flips lorry in Thailand wildlife sanctuary

Incredible footage captured a heart-stopping moment when a wild elephant in Chachoengsao’s Tha Takiap district in Thailand tipped over a passing lorry.

The terrifying incident, which occurred in the Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary, near Bangkok, was recorded by a Thai family in a nearby car and has since gone viral.

The truck driver was just passing through when the elephant suddenly crossed the road, stopping the vehicle in its tracks. The Thai family who witnessed the incident say the massive animal then used its powerful trunk to push the lorry over, leaving everyone in the surrounding area stunned.

The Nation reported that the elephant was extremely hungry and was searching for food inside the lorry. Fortunately, the driver was able to escape unharmed, and wildlife sanctuary officials arrived quickly to help the situation. They were able to move the elephant away from the area and safely extract the driver from the overturned vehicle.

Tao, who was driving the car as his wife took the video, said the elephant lumbered across the road as his family was travelling to Chon Buri.

“I could not believe that a wild elephant was using its trunk to push the truck over on the roadside. Everyone in the car went into a panic as the incident unfolded, especially my son.”

Tao added that he is concerned that the wild elephant could return and attack other vehicles in the area.

“I urge officials to keep a close watch on the area, and motorists to avoid driving near this elephant.”

This isn’t the first incident of an elephant causing carnage in Thailand and won’t be the last.

Last week, a herd of around 50 wild elephants migrated into farmland in Loei province in northeast Thailand and destroyed 2000 rai of crops.

Last month an elderly Thai lady survived being trampled on by a wild elephant in Prachin Buri province in eastern Thailand.

The victim, 71 year old Winit On-On, aka “Grandma Winit,” was watering her eucalyptus plants at her home in Phanom Sarakham district when the large elephant stomped on her back. Remarkably, she survived.

Another somewhat mischievous tale also emerged last week of a tourist in Thailand filming his experience riding an elephant while smoking a blunt and posting it on Instagram.

The tourist, Mikhail Harrison, rolled up some GUMBO and went into the jungle for an exotic experience. He posed the question, “If you could smoke weed with an elephant, which strain would you pick?” on his Instagram page.

Drama is never in short supply when elephants are involved in Thailand. For more incredible tales, read HERE.

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