Tourist films himself smoking blunt while riding elephant in Thailand

A tourist in Thailand has filmed his experience riding an elephant while smoking a blunt and posted it on Instagram.

According to Leafly, Mikhail Harrison rolled up some GUMBO and went into the jungle for an exotic experience. He posed the question, “If you could smoke weed with an elephant, which strain would you pick?” on his Instagram page.

In response to his question, he then said that he didn’t have any Peanut Butter Breath on him but his friend Dumbo didn’t seem to mind the authentic Cookies GUMBO that he smoked while atop the elephant’s back.

Tourist films himself smoking blunt while riding elephant in Thailand | News by Thaiger

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As cannabis became legal nationwide, Harrison says he visited the first Cookies cannabis dispensary, along with huge crowds, and then decided to get on an elephant for a trippy ride.

Harrison says he took the 420 elephant ride and it went down as one of his most memorable bucket list-worthy experiences. He says it is something every adventurous stoner has to try when they visit Thailand.

He says he was surrounded by beautiful nature of all types and was fully in his element—whatever that means. He went on to say that the experience wasn’t just about the GUMBO in his blunt, rather he saw miles of gorgeous plant life which only increased his high.

He noted that no one was bothered by the smell of his blunt, including the elephant. His experience was likened to Alexander the Great, as he compared his riding atop the majestic animal with historic wars and journeys.

“I came, I got high, I conquered.

“From Trinidad to Thailand, this is why they call me your favourite stoner.”

As for riding an elephant, despite many wildlife activists’ opposing the act due to weight being unhealthy for an elephant’s spine, Harrison went ahead and did it.

He then advised others how to find elephant riding in Thailand and how to practise weed etiquette.

“Also, roll your weed beforehand, and show smoker’s etiquette with respect to your fellow riders, the elephant, and the driver.

“You’re high enough off the ground to blow your smoke straight up and not bother anyone. So be conscious of your chronic footprint. And don’t make a bad name for the rest of us hoping to enjoy this experience for years to come.

“If you want to be extra safe, ask for a smoke-friendly guide and animal ahead of time. And bring a little extra bud to tip the workers. Or to share with fellow tourists who didn’t come as prepared as you.”

Except, he didn’t seem to be conscious of how riding an elephant can actually harm its health.

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