Rain pours on parade: Flooding sours vegetable prices as demand greens up

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The recent heavy rainfall and flooding in Central Thailand have led to increased vegetable prices at the fresh market in Betong, Yala, as the supply to the market has been significantly reduced. As the Vegetarian Festival approaches, the demand for vegetables is surmounting, causing prices to surge even more. The prices have doubled for some varieties of vegetables.

In the bustling atmosphere of Betong’s fresh market, locals and Thai-Chinese citizens are preparing for the Vegetarian Festival, a 10-day event starting from October 15 to 23. They are buying vegetables and vegan condiments to prepare various meals for their families and are abstaining from all types of meat for the festival duration.

A survey of the vegetable prices of every item revealed they have increased due to the heavy, persistent rain resulting in floods in the Central region. The average price per kilogramme has increased by 20 to 50 baht, and some have doubled, reported KhaoSod.

A vegetable vendor revealed continuous price adjustments for several types of fresh vegetables. For example, tomatoes, initially priced at 50 baht per kilogramme, have increased to 60 baht per kilogramme.

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Leafy greens have gone from 80 baht per kilogramme to 100 baht per kilogramme. Spring onions and coriander have increased from 100 baht per kilogramme to 180 baht per kilogramme.

White cabbage prices have tripled from 20 baht per kilogramme to 60 baht per kilogramme. Onions and cabbage prices have increased by 10 to 20 baht per kilogramme. Lime prices have risen from 80 baht per kilogramme to 100 baht per kilogramme, and bird’s eye chillies have increased from 150 baht per kilogramme to 180 baht per kilogramme.

The surge in the prices of fresh vegetables is not only due to the approaching Vegetarian Festival and increased demand from the public.

The central region’s farming lands have been severely affected by the floods caused by the downpour, reducing the supply of fresh vegetables to the market and increasing their price.

In addition, the hot and humid weather during transportation easily spoils the vegetables, and the transportation costs from the central region, where most vendors order their vegetables, contribute to the price surge. It is predicted that vegetable prices will continue to rise in the next two to three days.

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