Volcano durian: South Thailand farmer introduces unique breed to nationwide praise

Photo Courtesy of KhaoSod.

In South Thailand a farmer has successfully grown a unique variety of durian, calling it a ‘volcano durian.’ Harvesting started a couple of days ago and the fruits, selling for 200 baht per kilogram, have already attracted numerous customers from across the country.

Sixty-year-old Sai Yud Chansawang owns a durian orchard located in the Na Yung district, Trang province. With more than 350 durian trees spread across 15 acres, it is southern Thailand’s first known volcano durian orchard. The unique durian and its tantalising taste have lured customers from all parts of the country, creating a massive demand. In response, Sai Yud works tirelessly to harvest the volcano durians, the weight of which is estimated at about 5,000 kilograms.

“Considering the price we sell a kilogram now, we generate income of nearly 10,000 baht per day or over 1 million baht annually.”

Sai Yud only started selling the unique volcano durians this year, though they are in their second year of cultivation.

Volcano durian: South Thailand farmer introduces unique breed to nationwide praise | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of KhaoSod: Volcano Durian

What makes volcano durian special is its organic cultivation, thin shell, and rich, aromatic flesh. The seeds too are smaller compared to the regular durian varieties, and it is surprisingly less pungent. Customers are offered free fruit tasting to make an informed choice before buying. They could also visit the orchard and handpick the durians, choosing from different grades and textures, all of which come with a guarantee against rot.

Sai Yud said that each volcano durian tree yielded 50 to 70 kilograms of fruits, each weighing 3 to 7 kilograms, and some even heavier at 10 kilograms, which naturally fetches a higher price. She said…

“If the remaining 250 trees also give a full yield, I could effortlessly earn 3 million baht per year.”

The provincial agricultural department and other interested farmers follow up for knowledge sharing and consultancy on cultivating volcano durian.

Volcano durian: South Thailand farmer introduces unique breed to nationwide praise | News by Thaiger
Photo Courtesy of KhaoSod

Sai Yud, the matriarch in the province’s volcano durian cultivation, pointed out that in the first year of sales, they sold around 1,500 fruits totalling about 5,000 kilograms or 5 tonnes. She noted that the volcano durians attracted significant interest from customers across the country, reported KhaoSod.

“Compared to regular durian, the volcano durian variety has a more refined texture and rich flavour. Even after being ripened 90%, they still retain their unique taste and texture. We cultivate an eco-friendly crop without relying on any chemicals, offering our customers only the safest, most delicious, volcano durians.”

Sai Yud is confident that this durian is the best she has ever tasted and invites everyone to try it themselves. The smallest durian weighs over 2 kilograms, with most typically between 3 and 5 kilograms. Given the positive response due to its organic nature and rich taste, Sai Yud is proud to be the first volcano durian farmer in southern Thailand.

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