Songkhla archeological site threatened with destruction

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A movement launched yesterday to stop an unnamed party allegedly illegally building a road on a historic mountain in Songkhla province. The mountain is Khao Daeng. It has historic archeological structures. The civic groups that gathered yesterday at the local fine arts office to support authorities told the Bangkok Post many trees were cut down, and soil had been dug out. This is to make way for a road about two kilometres long.

But yesterday’s illegal construction is just the latest move in a series of disputes between state officials and influential groups. An activist told the BP that soil and rocks have been stolen from the area for many years. He said local authorities finally took action after the fine arts office complained to police on February 21.

“Why did these local administrative authorities not act against the intrusion when it could be clearly seen even from Songkhla’s city hall?”

The activist said Khao Daeng is an important historical site, and a place of harmony between Muslims and Buddhists. He said he reported the illegal construction to the provincial governor, who ordered a panel to be set up. The panel is now working with local police and authorities.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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