Bombings and skirmishes in Narathiwat leave four officers injured and power outage

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Four officers were injured in a fierce confrontation between police and criminals, who instigated several bombings and skirmishes in Narathiwat, Thailand. A gold shop was severely damaged, and approximately 10 electricity poles were knocked down.

Early in the morning of today, around 1.30am, troublemakers clashed with officers and secretly planted bombs near the Tabah checkpoint in Jeh Heh, Tak Bai district, Narathiwat province. Preliminary reports suggest a group associated with disruptive operations caused the incident at the Seng Charoen gold shop and set off the bomb at the Tabah checkpoint. Several criminals used grenades and firearms to attack the checkpoint, reported KhaoSod.

Simultaneously, a bomb disguised in a fire extinguisher was placed, causing substantial damage to the front of the Seng Charoen gold shop. During the incident, police officers stationed at the Tabah checkpoint fought back against the criminals, causing them to retreat and flee. Four officers sustained minor injuries.

Additionally, in the area of Su-ngai Kolok district, between the routes of Tak Bai and Su-ngai Kolok, roadside bombings led to approximately ten electricity poles being knocked down, causing a power outage in the area of Pa Semat Deeb.

In August, a car bomb detonation led to the temporary closure of a region surrounding the location of a police base situated in Sungai Kolok district in Narathiwat. The blast last night fortunately did not result in any injuries or deaths.

The incident took place close to the Orakan intersection, in proximity to both a rail route and the ad hoc police stronghold numbered 9313. It was roughly 8pm when the explosion took place.

It appears that the bomb had been secreted within a car that had been left in situ amidst a downpour, stationed at the aforementioned intersection. To read more click HERE

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