Bomb in Narathiwat explodes, monks and soldiers unharmed

PHOTO: A roadside bomb exploded narrowly missing 2 monks and 2 soldiers. (via Waedao Harai)

In the Deep South province of Narathiwat bordering on Malaysia, a bomb exploded this morning, with 2 monks and 2 soldiers narrowly escaping harm. The explosion took place early this morning on the side of the road in Rueso district of the province that often sees violence and bombings from local insurgents.

As is common for Buddhist monks in Thailand, the 2 monks were walking down the street doing their morning alms. Because of the danger of insurgency and explosions, the 2 were being escorted by 2 army rangers who were providing protection and keeping them safe.

The 4 men were walking on a road in the Rueso municipal area and shortly after they walked by one area a bomb went off around 6:35 am. Lucky the monks were clear of the blast and there was no one close enough to be hit by the bomb and there were no reported injuries.

The commander of the 46th Ranger Unit and the chief of the Rueso Police Station came together to investigate the blast scene and assist bomb disposal officers to make sure the threat was neutralised. No one has been identified as a suspect in planting the bomb and no person or group have claimed responsibility for the incident.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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